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New signage at Wild Horse Creek Road exit

“NO RIGHT TURN ON RED” signage has been installed for those vehicles leaving Benton Taylor Lane from our neighborhood turning eastbound onto Wild Horse Creek Road.  The signage states that this is effective during morning drop-off (8:00am – 8:30am) and afternoon pick-up times (3:00pm – 3:30pm) based on Wild Horse Elementary School timing.  Please ensure you do not turn right on a red light as we have an active pedestrian crosswalk of neighborhood children using that crosswalk to and from school. It is already a violation to turn right on red over an active crosswalk per Missouri State Law - plus this is in a school zone which adds to the violation. This will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of our school children who use the crosswalk to and from school. 

Neighbors are encouraged to use the Baxter Road exit in the morning to reduce the vehicle traffic at the School entrance.  

As a reminder, all vehicles leaving our Baxter Pointe neighborhood that are either crossing the road into Wild Horse Elementary School or turning eastbound on Wild Horse Creek Road have the right of way and vehicles leaving Wild Horse Elementary School's parking lot heading eastbound must yield.  We've witnessed several near accidents this year of vehicles turning left out of the school parking lot not yielding on the green light.  

While driving through our neighborhood, please refrain from any cell phone usage and any other distractions.  The Wild Horse Creek Road exit is a busy school zone and we’re doing everything possible to keep our neighborhood children safe.  We appreciate all of your diligence in working with us, and thank you in advance for helping to keep our students and families safe.

Updated News & Info:

1) Mailboxes - if you have a rusty or damaged mailbox, please download the Mailbox Order Form on the files and forms page.  The document provides all the information you need for repair or new mailboxes/post that match our subdivision.     

2) Yard maintenance - the ordinance of grass/weeds will be enforced for those offending homeowners. Baxter Pointe, upon complaint, review, and Board approval, has the authority to have a landscaping company mow a repeat offending residents' lawn, spray for weeds, remove dead landscaping, etc. and bill the homeowner for the services.  This will help address the annual homeowner's meeting discussion that focuses on the same offending homeowner who has not taken action to remedy the situation.

3) New sidewalk pads - the City of Chesterfield Streets department has replaced damaged/raised sidewalk pads within our neighborhood.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to monitor the sidewalk pads on their property and call City of Chesterfield for any that need replacement.

4) Dogs - there is an ordinance for barking dogs as well as for dogs that poop in another's yard.  For dog walkers that fail to pick up after their dog on another's property, the homeowner can notify the Board who can impose a fine of up to $50 to the offending dog owner. 

5) Speeding - our neighborhood is home to many children, bike riders, walkers, etc.  Reminder to please use care and do not speed within the neighborhood. 

6) Wild Horse Creek Entrance - in the morning during school hours, many eastbound commuters on Wild Horse Creek Road are traveling at a high rate of speed toward the stoplight of our subdivision/Wild Horse Elementary School entrance.  In cooperation with the City of Chesterfield Police Bureau of Traffic & Special Operations, the police are monitoring that stoplight due to the number of vehicles that are speeding and/or running the red light in the school zone which creates a dangerous intersection not only for vehicles leaving our neighborhood but for those school goers who are crossing the street on the crosswalk.  In 2012, over 12 tickets were issued for eletric signal violations and/or speeding.  Please be aware of this danger because those who were running the red light go over our "subdivision entrance to Wild Horse Elementary School" crosswalk. 

7) Residential Trees (replacement) between homeowner's sidewalk and street (area known as City right of way) - Homeowners are responsible for approved tree replacement to line our subdivision streets. The City of Chesterfield "Residential Street Tree Program" provides for the planting of trees within City right of way along public residential streets. Homeowners may apply for this program provided they have adequate space and choose a tree from the city's approved street tree list. This is a cost-sharing program. Homeowners would be required to submit $100 for each tree applied for, with the City contributing the remaining amount needed to plant the tree.please visit the City of Chesterfield Residential Street Tree Program  The website includes the policies and procedures, guide, and application form. 

8) Electronic recycling is easy - for a complete list of electronic recyclers in our area visit . State registered electronics recyclers are audited annually by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources so rest assured – your electronics are being handled responsibly.

9) Neighborhood parties - the new "Hosting" ordinance (see article below) should help with the issues of teenagers gathering for parties, throwing beer bottles/debris on yards, property damage (vandalism), speeding, etc:

Chesterfield "Hosting" ordinance passed
Updated: Tuesday Jul 17, 2012 @ 9:55 AM

By Denise Bertacchi

Parents and homeowners can now be billed by Chesterfield for the cost of sending police, firefighters or emergency medical personnel to respond to an out-of-control party. The new ordinance passed at Monday’s City Council meeting will require the “host” of any party that attracts the attention of law enforcement to pay for costs associated with the emergency call.

The vote passed 6 to 1, with Ward 3 Councilman Mike Cassey casting the dissenting vote.

Three representatives of the Rockwood's Drug-Free Coalition, Renee Heney, Nancy Bengtson, and Earl Borge, spoke in support of the ordinance before the vote. Bengtson said the ordinance would be a useful tool for parents of teenagers.

“I think if we address it like Clarkson Valley and Wildwood have, if the fees for the first responders are billed to the parents, perhaps they will pay a little more attention than they do to the fines that are levied now,” Bengtson said.

Long time Chesterfield resident Karl Daubel spoke against the bill. He agreed it was a good idea to tamp down on illegal alcohol and drug use, but thought the bill was an example of overreaching government.

“There are laws on the books that already cover most of all the difficulties,” he said. He pointed out that tax payers are already paying for emergency services and that the city just wants to be reimbursed for services already paid for.

He said that Police Chief Johnson said “events have been dropping off in numbers over the years” and questioned why the city needed another law to address a dwindling problem.

He added sarcastically that now parents will be forced to take their bored teens with them everywhere just to prevent costly “flash mob party animals” who could show up.

What is an unruly party?

The law defines a party as a gathering of five or more persons.

If the person who held the party is a minor, then the parents or guardians will be liable for the cost. Homeowners, property owners, land lords and renters of a property are also liable for the law enforcement cost, even if they were not at the residence when the party took place.

If law enforcement or other first responders are called to an unruly party then the person responsible for holding the party or the property owner can be billed for those emergency services. The bill could include the wages for the emergency personnel for the time they spent responding to the incident and the “administrative costs attributable to such responses.” The bill could also include the cost of medical treatment if any responder is hurt during the call.

Unlawful party guests

Though the new law is aimed at curbing disruptive teen parties or parties where underage drinking and drug use may occur, any party on private property that disturbs the peace could fall under this rule.

The law states that “loud or unruly conduct” can include a long list of offenses, such as:

  • Excessive noise
  • Excessive traffic
  • Obstruction of public streets
  • Crowds that have spilled onto public streets
  • Public drunkenness
  • Unlawful public consumption or possession of alcohol by underage persons
  • Illegaling serving alcoholic beverage to underage persons
  • Assaults, batteries and fights
  • Domestic violence


  • Litter
  • Any other conduct that constitutes a threat to the public health, safety and quiet enjoyment of residential property.
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